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How to tape moving boxes

Learn how to tape moving boxes correctly
What you will need to tape moving boxes correctly
  • Correct size moving box

  • Correct type of Tape

Moving can be a stressful process, but knowing the right way to put a box together can make all the difference to your move and ensure that your items end up safely at your new home and not broken on the floor. You may not even know that you’ve have been taping moving boxes wrong all these years but by following our advice you will be taping moving boxes like the pros in no time.

Choose the correct size moving box.

As a general rule there 3 main sizes of boxes, small, medium and large. Small boxes are typically used for smaller heavier items such as books and canned food ect. Medium boxes are more used for items like plates, glasses and electronics. The larger boxes are typically used for large light items such as bedding, pillows and toys ect.  Choosing the right size box for your items will mean that the items will arrive safe and that the boxes will be the correct weight and easier to move.

Correct type of tape

There are a number of different types of tapes you can use when taping moving boxes, duct tape, masking tape, shipping tape and filament tape. Having been in the moving industry for over 15 years we feel that your best option is shipping tape, It is cheap, easy to use, and strong enough to seal boxes. It is also water-resistant and very sticky. Having used shipping tape for over 15 years and never been let down by it we feel that shipping tape is the BEST option for taping moving boxes.

How to tape moving boxes

  • Make sure the box is completly flat to start with.

  • There a 2 flaps at the top of the box that are connected by a small piece of cardboard, these are used for the flap lock feature. Fold the 2 sides that have the flaps down so that they are against the box.

  • Next, open the box up so that it is square, the 2 flap sides should have stayed attached to the box, the part where the flaps are folded over is going to be the top of your box.

  • Next flip the box upside down, we are now ready to tape the bottom of the box.

  • First fold in the 2 small flaps, then fold in the 2 longer flaps.

  • Run a piece of tape along the opening of the 2 long flaps, ensure that there is at least 3 inches of tape going up the side of the box.

  • Repeat this process twice but make sure to put the next 2 piece of tape an inch either side of the first piece. This will help to improve the strenth of the tape.

  • Flip your box back over and [ack up to the top of the folded flaps.

  • Finally break apart the flaps that were being held by the small pieces of cardboard and repeat the taping process we used for the bottom of the box. Label it correctly and your done.

We feel that this type of shipping type is the BEST option for taping moving boxes