How to pack plates for moving

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How to pack plates for moving

Learn how to pack plates for moving 
What you will need to pack plates for moving
  • Correct size moving box

  • Unprinted paper or bubble wrap

  • Tape

  • Marker

We know that packing plates and other fragile items in the kitchen can be a really daunting task but the good news is it doesn't have to be. The truth is that when you know the correct technique to pack plates for moving it is extremely easy to ensure that all you plates arrive safe and sound at your new home.  Here at the Guru of Moving we will not only give you a quick guide on how to pack plates for moving but also a step by step guide for 2 techniques on how to pack plates for moving. These guides will help to ensure all your plates arrive in perfect condition.

Quick guide on packing plates for moving - 
  1. Use the right size box.

  2. Line the bottom of the box with crushed paper.

  3. Wrap plates with paper so that all the edges are covered.

  4. Stand plates upright, not flat

  5. Use crushed paper to fill in any gaps

  6. Close the box and tape in securely.

  7. Label the box.

Step by step guide on how to pack plates for moving - 
Individual plate packing method

This is a great method to pack your plate for moving and offers great protection for the plates. The only drawback is that it does take quite a bit of time as you are wrapping each plate individually. 

  1. Use the right size box - As plates are fragile we recommend using specialized dish packs when packing plates. These boxes will help to add an extra layer of protection for your plates.  We recommend these dish pack boxes.  As plate boxes do get heavy it is important to make sure that the boxes are properly taped. If you are not sure how to do this check out the video on How to tape a moving box.

  2. Set up a solid work station - Having a solid work station will help to speed up the packing process and it will also save you from having a sore back at the end. We recommend setting up a solid table that is around waste hight and is large enough to hold the packing paper, your dish pack and your plates.

  3. Line the bottom of your box with crushed paper - Take 8 - 12 sheets of unprinted paper, crumple each one into a ball and use them to line the bottom of your box. Doing this will help provide a soft base for your plates to help protect them during the move.

  4. Start wrapping the plates - Start by placing you plate in the center of your pile of packing paper. Next take two sheets of packing paper from one corner and pull them over the plate until it is covered completely. Repeat this with all of the other corners until your plate is completely covered and protected on all sides. If you are extremely worried about you plates place them in foam pouches before wrapping them in paper.

  5. Stand plates upright on their edge in box - This step may surprise some people but standing them upright on their edge is actually the safest way to pack plates for moving. Do not put them flat in the box as the weight of the top plates may cause damage to the bottom plates. 

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 - Continue wraping the plates and placing them upright in the dishpack until the box is full

  7. Fill in any spaces with crushed paper - This will help to ensure that no plates move round during transportations and helps to keep them all protected.

  8. Leave some space at the top of the box - We recommend not packing your boxes all the way to the top and instead leaving around 6 inches of space at the top for extra packing material. Grab some more crushed paper and use it to fill the box to the top. This will help to give an extra level of protection to your plates. 

  9. Check, Tape and Label your box - The final step is to to check, tape and label your boxes. Tape the box when you are completely happy using the same technique outlined above. Lastly label each box with a sharpie, listing the contents of each box and what room you would like them to go to in your new home.

The bundled plate packing method

This is also a great method for packing your plates for moving. The advantage of this method is that it is a lot faster as you are wrapping the plates as a bundle and not individually and it also helps to save some space in the box. All of the above steps are the same when doing the bundle packing method apart from step 4. Step4 for the bundle packing method is outlined below.

Step 4 for bundle packing method - Place the plate at the center of the pile of packing paper. Next grab 2 sheets of paper and fold them over the top of the plate. Place another plate on top of the plate you have just covered and then cover it with another two sheets of paper. Keep repeating this until you have 4/5 plate on top of each other. Finally fold in all the edges so that all the plates are covered and use a piece of tape to hold it all together.

Additional tips for packing plates for moving - 

  • Expensive plates or plates with sentimental value should first of all placed in a foam pouch then be individually wrapped with at least 2 sheets of paper before packing them into a box. They should also be separated with cardboard to ensure that the spines remain straight during transit and side-to-side friction does not damage the cover.

  • Place larger or heavier plates at the bottom as this will help to ensure the smaller, lighter plates remain intact.

  • Use towels and dish clothes to fill in any spaces and help to keep your plates safe.

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