Our number one tip is simple, get professional to pack for you!!! It's quicker, stress free and if something brings it will be much easier to make a claim. If you pack your own boxes a lot of Moving Companies will not cover any breakages. If however you still want to pack yourself, following our Packing Tips will help everything go a lot smoother.

  • Use the right size boxes

Not only will doing this help to make you items safer but it will also mean that your movers wont hate you for filling large boxes with heavy items. As a general rule, keep heavier items such as books in small boxes, items like plates and cups in mediums and then ligher items such as linens in larger boxes.

  • Tape the boxes well

This may sound obvious but we have seen so many people make the mistake of not doing this properly. Our advice is to put 3 strips of tape on the top and bottom of the box. Do not fold the flaps of the box, always tape them.

  • Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents.

This will help to ensure that your mover places all the boxes in the correct rooms which will save you time and money and also mean you won't have to move wayward boxes up and down stairs when they leave.

  • Don't leave empty space in the box

Filling the box completely will to ensure that the items inside stay safer as they will be unable to move around. Having the boxes filled to the top also means that your box will not crush when it is loaded onto the truck. 

  • Take pictures of your electronics before you disconnect them

This one tip alone will not only help to save you time but it may also save your sanity. Simply take pictures of the back of your electronics before you disconnect them and then when you go to connect all the wires at your new home you simply have to look at each picture.​

  • Always stack dishes upwards not flat

Always stack dishes upwards when packing, and avoid breakage by using custom-designed boxes. It’s also a good idea to avoid wrapping china in newsprint; the ink can stain your dishes. If you are not quite sure how to do it, check out this great video on how to pack dishes.