Where to get moving boxes

Craigslist - This is one of our favorite places to get boxes. The great thing about getting your moving boxes on here is that they are typically free. When most people move it can be hard to find a place to dispose of all their moving boxes so they typically list them on craigslist for free. In our experience the boxes that you can pick up on here are typically in great condition because they have only been used for one move and it was usually recently. Keep in mind that moving boxes on Craigslist typically get snapped up pretty quick so if you see them you have to MOVE on them :)

Ebay - This is a great place to get your moving boxes as not only can you get them at a great price but you can also get them delivered to your front door which means not having to lugg all them boxes all over town. What's great about Ebay is that you can buy moving kits made up of different size boxes all designed to suit the size of your move. Here is an example of a 2/3 bedroom moving kit

Amazon - Like pretty much everything else these days Amazon is the go to place for moving boxes. You can find all the shapes and sizes that you could possible need and have them at your door in 2 days which is really hard to beat. Like Ebay you can also get a complete moving kit for what ever size home you are moving from and whatever other packing materials that you may need.

Used cardboard boxes - At usedcarebordboxes.com you will find all the boxes and materials you could possible need all at good prices and all delivered to your door.

U-Haul - What we like about U-haul is that what ever boxes you don't use they will buy back from you. They have a great selection of boxes at good prices and as you may also have to rent a truck for your move U-haul could be your one stop shop.

Ask you movers - Give the moving company that you plan to use a call and see if they can help you out with boxes. Some moving companies will drop them off to you if you are using that company for your move. Also ask them what kind of deal they can give you on used boxes as they may have a lot of them sitting around their office.

Local businesses - This is a great and free way to get moving boxes for your upcoming move. Simply go round local businesses in your area and ask them if they have any boxes they want to give away. You get free boxes and they get to save money also as they don't have to pay to dispose of them.

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